Intranet Portal Technologies can bring new and cost-effective solutions to age-old problems in your organisation. Here are just some of the key solution areas:

Enterprise Search

How much time do you think people waste each day searching for information in your organization? Or recreating work that has already been done in the past? A decent, internal enterprise search solution could be a massive boost to your productivity!  Continue reading

Control Content Creation & Publishing

Most leading companies have moved away from intranet pages (hand-crafted by the IT department) to Enterprise Content Management Systems which put the power in the hands of business teams. It has never been easier to do this via your Intranet portal. Continue reading

Organise your documents on the Portal

New and exciting Document Management functions are now available out-of-the-box from leading Intranet Portal Software vendors, providing, at last, a realistic alternative to expensive enterprise document management solutions. Continue reading

Work-flow Content, Forms & Documents

For companies serving large numbers of customers and employees through huge contact centres and complicated business processes (e.g. utilities & mobile phone companies) the workflow challenge is immense. Intranet portal solutions could provide the answer! Continue reading

Working Together more efficiently

Collaboration environments help groups of people work together efficiently. So-called work group software solutions bring together people, projects, documents, emails, discussions, calendars and more in a single space on your Intranet Portal. Continue reading

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