Getting you off to the right start

Starting on an Intranet redesign can be exhausting. How do I understand and explain the difference between a traditional intranet and an intranet portal? How do I find the time to create the vision, mobilise stakeholders and build the business case?

If this is how you feel, we can help! We offer any or all of the following Strategic Consulting Services at the beginning of your intranet journey:

Vision, Strategy & Elevator Pitch Development
We use structured Stakeholder interviews & Stakeholder management techniques to build a shared business vision amongst natural allies; your HR, Finance, Procurement and Marketing Directors. We help explain the difference between a traditional intranet and a modern intranet portal. Above all, we help get people away from the technology and create instead a buzz and excitement around the business benefits a portal can deliver.

Creating the Project Brief
The first gateway for most projects in any organisation is the approval of a project brief or outline. We help you to complete this key deliverable by working with your line of business, IT and Finance teams. Typical components include Introduction, Background, Objectives, Scope, Outline Deliverables / Desired Outcomes, Exclusions, Business Benefits, Assumptions, Constraints, Risks, Other Areas of Business Affected, Stakeholders, Resources and Outline Estimates of time and cost.

Building the Business Case
Particularly in larger organisations, the creation of a comprehensive business case is a key early milestone. This activity is not without challenges on a Portal Project (where most benefits are indirect). We use a variety of techniques (including time surveys) to build a Wall of Benefits™ and demonstrate positive Return on Investment (ROI). We utilise the Cranfield Benefits Dependency Network to link your vision & benefits to the necessary business, technical, organisational and process change & investments required.

Governance & Mobilisation
We help you establish a Stakeholder Group for the Portal to govern the project and business-as-usual activities to follow. We facilitate a functionality prioritisation session with them, using a tried-and-tested 4×4 Boston Box technique. This draws out quick wins, big hitters and low hanging fruit. We can also facilitate softer sessions around the branding, messaging, naming and cultural aspects of the new Portal. We can also help you with product selection and supplier RFI/RFP processes – plus creating the right delivery team organisation and commercial framework.

To get a flavour of our approach, the templates we use and more, why not check out the Intranet Portal Guide. This leading online resource, developed by Lead Consultant David Viney, draws on portal implementation experience at two of the UK’s biggest companies, British Airways and Centrica. The Guide has been used by literally thousands of people across the world to structure and deliver their Intranet Portal Programmes.


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