BEA AquaLogic

An enterprise development framework

AquaLogic is BEA’s comprehensive suite of infrastructure products for service-oriented architecture (SOA) delivery, covering evrything from Enterprise Portal delivery to application development and business process management.

In simple English, this means seamless integration of all the myriad platforms (IBM, BEA, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle) that typical large organisations have within their IT environment. Oh yes, and this does include a rather good portal that used to be called Plumtree!


BEA AquaLogic – Technology Overview

BEA AquaLogic includes User Interaction, BPM Suite, Integrator, Service Bus, Data Services Platform, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Repository, Service Registry, Commerce Services, SOA Management, AquaLogic Pages, Ensemble & Pathways.

AquaLogic Data Services is used to create and manage different data services, which can be linked and routed together using AquaLogic Service Bus, registered and governed using AquaLogic Service Registry and served via AquaLogic User Interaction to users who have been authenticated and provisioned using AquaLogic Enterprise Security. AuqaLogic BPM Suite can be used to further integrate services into business processes and workflows.

The BEA AquaLogic User Interaction module is based on the Plumtree Corporate Portal, which BEA acquired in 2005. It includes a set of tools to create portals, collaborative communities, composite applications and other applications that use service architecture and work cross-platform.


AquaLogic features

BEA AquaLogic provides a unified, agile platform for creating and managing business processes, portals, collaborative communities, and composite applications. It opens new channels of collaboration within and across organizational boundaries, so business can grow with the flow.

In this sense, AquaLogic is more than simply a portal software product. It actually enables companies to more easily build new applications and business processes, then present them via a common security model and user interface.


Our BEA AquaLogic Experience

Lead consultant, David Viney, played a leading role in the delivery of a Global Employee Portal at Centrica plc, using Plumtree Corporate Portal (now marketed as BEA AquaLogic User Interaction). At the time, this was one of the largest Plumtree portal implementations in the world.

Centrica is a FTSE 100 leading provider of energy & other essential home services to businesses and consumers in the UK, Continental Europe and North America, through leading brands like British Gas and, until recently, One.Tel, the AA and Goldfish. The company has a market capitalization of £14 billion and employees nearly 34,000 people across the world. See customer testimonial.

Our Intranet Consulting Services

Lead Consultant, David Viney, has delivered Intranet Portal projects at many of the UK’s largest companies, including British Airways and Centrica and is the author of the Intranet Portal Guide, used by literally thousands of people across the world to structure and deliver their Intranet Portal Programmes.

David and his “A-Team” network of associates are available for Strategic Consulting, Intranet Portal Design and Intranet Portal Delivery. We won’t waste your time and money; we simply provide the very best people with the most extensive experience in Intranet Project delivery. To find out more, why not contact us today.


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