SAP Portal

Surfacing all your key business data

SAP NetWeaver is a web-based, open integration and application platform that serves as the foundation for enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) and allows the integration and alignment of people, information, and business processes across business and technology boundaries.

NetWeaver utilizes open standards to enable integration with information and applications from almost any source or technology. SAP NetWeaver is the foundation of SAP xApps and mySAP Business Suite solutions, and also powers partner solutions and customer custom-built applications.


SAP Portal features

SAP NetWeaver Portal is flexible and secure, and enables you to take full advantage of your information assets. Features and functions include:

Portal-infrastructure management – SAP NetWeaver Portal provides a personalized, secure interface that unifies enterprise applications, information, and processes from both SAP and third-party sources into a coherent, role-based portal experience. The portal supports both UNIX and Microsoft Windows servers and is localized to support more than 20 languages. Its field-tested capabilities deliver the security, scalability, and performance that SAP customers expect, along with easy user and content administration.

Collaboration – With SAP NetWeaver Portal, users can access and share information and applications in a collaborative environment. Virtual collaboration rooms allow users to work together efficiently, regardless of where they are located. This integrated, real-time collaboration enables powerful and immediate communication that crosses organizational boundaries while enforcing security requirements.

Knowledge management – SAP NetWeaver Portal provides a shared set of user services for finding, organizing, and accessing unstructured content stored in third-party repositories and SAP content management systems. Powerful classification tools automate the organization of information. Subject-matter experts and content managers can publish information to distinct user audiences through Web-based authoring that simplifies the publishing process. Knowledge management functions are an important part of SAP’s support for enterprise content management.

Our Intranet Consulting Services

Lead Consultant, David Viney, has delivered Intranet Portal projects at many of the UK’s largest companies, including British Airways and Centrica and is the author of the Intranet Portal Guide, used by literally thousands of people across the world to structure and deliver their Intranet Portal Programmes.

David and his “A-Team” network of associates are available for Strategic Consulting, Intranet Portal Design and Intranet Portal Delivery. We won’t waste your time and money; we simply provide the very best people with the most extensive experience in Intranet Project delivery. To find out more, why not contact us today.


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